Lauren Molina Pelloni

Lauren Molina Pelloni


Bench: 165

Deadlift: 285


USAPL Club Coach

Registered Nurse, BS in Nursing

About Coach

I’ve always been active which led me to a D1 collegiate lacrosse career. After graduating I had a competitive void to fill and friends of mine recommended CrossFit. My first metcon was a 7-minute AMRAP with one of the movements being the assault bike (wowza). I WAS HOOKED! A year later I started coaching so that I can share my passion for moving and staying active!

Turning Point

After a career-ending injury in college, I hit a low. My body was stuck in a perpetual state of pain and I quickly fell into a life of inactivity. This chewed away at my mental well-being and made it difficult to get back into shape once I was healed. It was SO HARD to start again… literally, the worst shape of my life and I was so ashamed of myself. I took baby steps and slowly but surely (with a lot of speed bumps along the way) I began to enjoy the process again. Along the way, I’ve formed strong friendships and even met my husband.

Motivation & Passion

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