Travis Muller

Travis Muller

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Coach Travis isn't just a fitness coach; he's a dedicated husband and father whose core values are deeply rooted in family excellence. Hailing from Vancouver, Canada, Travis has been transforming lives through personal training since 2019, both in-person and online. His diverse clientele ranges from high school, college, and pro athletes to hardworking dads striving for balance.But Travis brings more to the table than just fitness expertise. Having spent over a decade in the construction industry, he understands the grind and the challenges of maintaining a work-life balance. It's this experience that fuels his passion for helping others, particularly CEOs, discover the incredible benefits of prioritizing health and fitness.Travis believes that a balanced life is not just about professional success but also about being an excellent spouse and parent. His holistic approach to fitness is designed to boost your energy, skyrocket your efficiency, and help you drop weight, all without compromising your family time.When he's not coaching, you'll find Travis embracing his love for the outdoors, sports, and fitness, often shooting hoops at the local gym with aspiring athletes. With Travis, you're not just getting a coach; you're gaining a mentor equipped to help you achieve a fulfilling, balanced life.

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