Drew Goehler's Sedentary Life Transformation with True Core

By True Core
Drew Goehler's Sedentary  Life Transformation with True Core

In today's fast-paced world, it’s all too easy to fall into a sedentary lifestyle, especially when our jobs demand long hours of sitting and increased responsibilities leave little time for personal well-being. This was the case for Drew Goehler, whose once active lifestyle began to diminish when he transitioned to a new job. 

Drew Goehler had always been an active individual, finding joy in physical activities and outdoor adventures. However, a career change led him to a desk job that demanded long hours and left him drained. The daily grind soon took its toll, and Drew found himself struggling to maintain his previous level of activity. He started skipping workouts, opting for convenience foods, and experiencing the physical and mental fatigue that comes with a sedentary lifestyle. He became stressed and he gained some weight. Hence, this caused Drew to wake up and realize that he needed to actually start doing something to become better.

Recognizing the negative impact on his health and well-being, Drew knew he needed a change. His energy levels were at an all-time low, and he missed the sense of accomplishment that came with physical fitness. Drew tried to do it on his own, he started doing some kettlebell workouts at home, walking his three dogs in the neighborhood at night or taking a run in the morning. However, since he gained some weight, it affected his joints where he didn't feel good. Drew then figured out that he needed some professional help to shed some weight and incorporate a new routine that would be effective for him. That's when he discovered True Core, a program designed to help individuals reclaim their health and vitality through a holistic approach to fitness and wellness. 

Being part of True Core greatly changed Drew’s lifestyle. Over the course of several months, Drew began to see significant improvements in his physical fitness, energy levels, and overall mood. He regained his passion for an active lifestyle and found new ways to incorporate physical activity into his daily routine, despite his busy schedule. Aside from losing weight, he and his wife have begun to eat healthier foods; they now understand the importance of portion size and moderation, and there are no food restrictions despite the fact that both of them have a sweet tooth. Drew began to feel better about himself, gained confidence and energy, and resumed getting enough sleep. As a result, he feels much better physically and mentally. The results of the True Core program were nothing short of remarkable.

For anyone feeling stuck in a similar situation, Drew's journey serves as an inspiring reminder that change is possible with the right support and determination. True Core is more than just a program; it's a pathway to a better, healthier you. The True Core program gave him the tools and support he needed to make lasting changes, proving that it's never too late to reclaim one's health and happiness.

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