A Remarkable Journey with True Core: Marzi Viverette

Before joining True Core, Marzi Viverette was super focused on her career
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True Core
A Remarkable Journey with True Core: Marzi Viverette

Before joining True Core, Marzi Viverette was super focused on her career, being the best mom she could, and still having time, attention & care for her husband too. Taking care of everyone else, however, it was starting to take its toll. Marzi noticed that she let her nutrition, fitness, and overall self-care go.  She started to see that these habits were negatively impacting her own health. Marzi was also really struggling with lack of motivation and accountability.

She decided it was time to finally make change, and that is where True Core came in.  After joining their private Facebook group, Annapolis Health, Fitness, Nutrition, & Mindset, Marzi started paying attention to the resources, workouts, and trainings that Coach Aline & Coach Shannon provided weekly. She contacted Coach Shannon, hoping to get some guidance to change her lifestyle.

Marzi decided to join the True Core Transformation program, and even did virtually since she lives quite a ways from the gym.  By working through the 9 week program, Marzi started to see drastic changes in her daily routine, stress levels, fitness, and overall demeanor. Most importantly Marzi realized that self-care is essential!

What Marzi loves best about the program is how simple it is.  It fits into her hectic lifestyle while still making so much change and helping her progress each day. When she needs help with the workout clarifications or nutrition guidance, she has a personalized coach to walk her through each step of the way. Having someone help her create 5 simple things to do each day - and then holding her accountable to them - has given Marzi a sense of hope she has never had before, because she is seeing REAL change! 

The new routines Marzi has developed have greatly impacted every aspect of her life. She prioritizes herself by working out now. She is able to go out to eat with her family and not experience any guilt or remorse. The habits, tools, and skills she has developed have not only changed her emotionally but physically she has lost over 26 inches! 

Her advice to others who are struggling with exercise is “Just to do! Come into True Core and check them out! You have nothing to lose and True Core will support you every step of the way!”

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