Amanda King’s Success Story

Most people find the prospect of embarking on a fitness journey to be overwhelming and intimidating.
By True Core
True Core
Amanda King’s Success Story
Amanda King lifting white barbell

Most people find the prospect of embarking on a fitness journey to be overwhelming and intimidating. It's difficult to find the motivation to begin, and it's even more difficult to maintain consistency with your workouts when you're discouraged or unmotivated.

Just like with Amanda, who had been in and out of globo gyms for years before joining True Core, she couldn't figure out why she couldn't stay consistent. She'd buy a membership, then months later, she'd be back in the vicious cycle of canceling after only a short period of time. She also didn't have many people in her circle who lived an all-around healthy lifestyle, so it was easy for her to neglect nutrition and exercise on a regular basis. Amanda also struggled with not being challenged; she has always been an athlete, so she went through life feeling as if she was missing out on something important, which was channeling her competitive drive in a healthy way.

Solving these issues wasn't as difficult because Amanda felt at home in the True Core community and wanted to stay and learn as much as she could. But that doesn't mean learning the fundamental Crossfit movements wasn't difficult; she wished she could go further, to be able to throw down like she saw other people throw down. However, it is difficult for her not to compare herself to the members who have been putting in the effort for years, but the coaches reminded her that all she needed to do was keep showing up and putting in the repetitions, which takes time.

Amanda's journey with True Core has had a significant impact on her. The first thing she likes about True Core and how it differs from her previous gyms is the sense of community. All of her previous gym memberships had never given her the space to do so. As a result, she now has accountability because she is surrounded by people who strive to improve themselves. She is also challenged on a daily basis to improve her functional fitness through a variety of movements that allow her to channel her competitive nature. When she walks into the gym, she feels like a kid again, wondering what kind of equipment and WOD she needs that day.

Her mind is much stronger, and she has a more playful spirit as a result of the empowerment she gains from completing some extremely difficult workouts and lifts on a consistent basis. True Core has people who push her to be a better person and athlete; she wouldn't work as hard if she didn't have a squad of people working out with her.

Amanda's motivation and drive are stronger than ever; she recently began competing and has learned so much about herself as an outcome. Physically, she feels much better, more energized, and strong, as if she could hold her own if anyone tried to mess with her.

Amanda believes that her life has improved dramatically since she decided to take her fitness journey seriously especially with True Core. She started to have a solid routine that she follows to the best of her ability which helps keep her life at somewhat of a balance. From that discipline, other areas of her life have had no choice but to follow suit.

It doesn’t just change how Amanda behaves for herself but as well as with the people around her. She shows up as a better version of herself as a wife, in her work, her dogs, her family, and most importantly herself. Getting through those spicy WODs translates into her outside world, when her mind tells her to quit, she does the opposite and keeps chipping away, not most of the time but still improves. Amanda is forever grateful for the community at True Core.

“Here's to more sweat, fist bumps, and awful noises whilst trudging through a grueling WOD.” - Amanda King

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