An Inspiring Success Story with True Core: Scott Whitfield

By True Core
True Core
An Inspiring Success Story with True Core: Scott Whitfield

Before joining True Core, Scott Whitfield had difficulty maintaining his fitness and health. He had issues with his diet, sleeping patterns, and workout. In short, Scott was not motivated and didn't know where to start to get fit.

Scott loves the atmosphere in True Core. He feels motivated by the coaches and fellow athletes he meets in the gym. Scott feels motivated to work out and feels great afterward. He feels like he can conquer the world whenever he works out.

Scott's experience with True Core has made him feel better about himself. He always looks forward to meeting with his coaches and new friends and working out with them. His mood improves whenever he works out. He feels his core is stronger and can carry himself better, physically. Scott is building his self-confidence and sleeping better than before.

Scott is very different from the person he was before. His outlook on life has changed since joining True Core. For him, he is now ready to go out and do something that involves more activity instead of just being sedentary all the time. He also started challenging people he works with, to improve their physical lifestyles.

His advice to people possibly afraid to start is, "Come on into  True Core, believe that you can make a change. It seems daunting at first because it’s a new environment, new people, or new challenges but it's worth it!"

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