Balancing Motherhood and Fitness with True Core: Frankie Phillips Success Story

Women often feel like they need to lose weight after pregnancy
By True Core
True Core
Balancing Motherhood and Fitness with True Core: Frankie Phillips Success Story

Women often feel like they need to lose weight after pregnancy, and this is because of the changes in their body and lifestyle, combined with pressure from society. This can be frustrating and discouraging, especially since post-pregnancy weight loss is often considered a crucial part of getting back to normal after having a baby. However, it may be challenging since you’re not only focusing on yourself anymore but also with the baby.

Frankie Philips also had the same problem before joining True Core. She was trying to find various ways to lose weight after having a baby was difficult. As Frankie transitioning to motherhood, she is still striving to exercise and eat healthily. However, she was stuck in the middle of the process. She’s unable to find the right fit for her at the time and the right balance. It was difficult for her, not because she has a baby, but because she feels she can do better, but it was difficult, and she feels she hasn't found a niche. Frankie comes from an athletic family, so she doesn't have as much time for physical activity when her life changes. She can't go to the gym for three or four hours a day if someone else relies on her. As a result, her go-to strategy was to stop working out and instead eat whatever she wanted.  It's just really packing on the pounds, and she feels lethargic all the time and can't do the activities that she used to do. And then the frustration starts to build up again because Frankie thinks that she doesn’t know what she’s doing, she doesn’t feel healthy, she doesn’t feel good. On top of that, it's becoming a frustrating process to figure out the best way to proceed.

As Frankie becomes part of True Core, she’s not focusing on the weight anymore; she’s more now focused on being able to do the activities that she wants to do in her daily life. She can see some progress, knowing she's on the right track. She's also permitted herself to breathe a little more freely, realizing that this isn't a race where she needs to cross the finish line quickly. Physically, she feels stronger; she can do her daily tasks, especially with her toddler, who is running around the house or holding her when they walk through the mall or carrying her up a flight of stairs with the groceries. She’s more energized than before when she gets back from her workout. People around her also noticed her changes, especially with her husband, who felt that Frankie was not stressed as before. She’s getting more sleep and taking time for self-care, and her relationship with food has dramatically improved; she becomes mindful of the food she chooses to eat. Ten months with True Core made Frankie’s life better. 

Frankie advises people on the fence about joining a True Core program to take it one day at a time because it is a scary journey with sometimes unrealistic expectations. You may not see all of the progress in the first week or two, but once you get into the program and see the benefits, not just the weight loss but also the mental strength that you gain, you know that progress will follow.

Take your time and enjoy life through the process and make it a daily habit or your new way of life, instead of trying to think of it as a diet or a quick fix. Having this kind of mindset, you’re more likely to set yourself up for long-term success.

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