Believe You Can, with True Core

By True Core
True Core
Believe You Can, with True Core

Coach Joanna King’s list of things she learned and continues to learn from her great coaches, True Core members, and her community in general.

  1. Have faith. Believe in yourself. Self-doubt enters our minds more frequently, and as a result, we doubt ourselves and our abilities. However, tell yourself, "I can do it." Believe it and watch it manifest. There may be difficult times and fear, but we must not allow it to enter our minds because our mind is our greatest enemy. Rely on your higher power, believe, and you can do it!

  1. Trust the process.. When you step into a gym in any capacity, whether it is to work towards a nutrition goal, a fitness goal, or a spiritual goal, you must trust the process. And the process is not always simple.

  1. Trust your coach. Pay attention to your coaches and put your faith in them. We all make mistakes sometimes and don't always listen to our coaches' advice and instructions. But, instead of learning to not make the same mistakes again, we end up repeating them. Listening to your coaches provides knowledge and perspectives that increase your chances of reaching your fitness goals. Being open to new ideas and feedback also allows you to learn and grow.

  1. The community. Value your community because it is one of the factors in achieving your fitness goals. You can walk into multiple gyms, and tell there's a difference. I have been in the industry long enough to have visited more than a few. When you join or work in a CrossFit gym, it becomes much more than just a gym; it becomes a community of people who care about you.

  1. Correct technique. It helps to build strength. For example, while doing your squats and deadlifts, it will be easier to lift the heavy weight, when your technique is correct.

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