Can you consider True Core as your Home?

Have you ever been in a moment where you felt at ease despite only being there for a short period of time?
By True Core
True Core
Can you consider True Core as your Home?

Have you ever been in a moment where you felt at ease despite only being there for a short period of time? As the common saying goes; It is not how long you have known that person or that place, but how engaged you are in it and how connected you feel with it.

Naomi Gilchrist, who grew up in Seattle and usually moving out from one city to another, has now resided in Maryland, USA for over a year now, recounts her experience as a new member of True Core Community and why True Core is her home.

Home signifies a comfortable, peaceful environment where you can freely express yourself, to live, laugh, and grow. It is a place where you'll feel welcomed, appreciated, and cared for.

Naomi's health and fitness lifestyle was already quite active prior to joining the True Core community. She was doing farm workouts in Edgewater, USA and frequently doing burpees in the lawn, runs around the neighborhood, and does some box jumps on a porch to stay upbeat and avoid being indoors.

Despite her proactive fitness lifestyle, Naomi still encountered some obstacles when it came to working out on her own, and one of them was motivation. Her unwillingness to keep doing anything and pursuing her goal. Not having regular routines, not getting sufficient weight equipment, and trying to figure out how to properly workout are the problems that make her feel discouraged and cause her to not push herself much.

“When things are vague, the motivation will fade.” - Dean Bokhari

And that led her to being part of True Core. Although she tried a couple of different gyms in the area, True Core was the one where she had the most fun with people who cheered her up given the fact that they didn’t know her all that well. She loved the environment and it was just what she had been yearning for.

“CrossFit in general is a great community to be part of… The coaches in True Core really go to each individual person whether it would be a workout, or warmup, they really give tips on how to better themselves.”

Being part of the community benefits Naomi not only in terms of fitness but as well as in terms of her mentality. Just getting in there and just doing it. She never imagined she'd be  able to do the numbers that she is lifting as far as strength wise. It shifted her perception of not being scared of those big numbers, and by pushing herself more, her drive and motivation significantly improved.

“As you walk through the door of True Core, it is home. Everyone is gonna make you feel welcome...And this is the right place I should be in.  I found so many people and I found my home” - Naomi Gilchrist

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