Can You Get Six-pack Abs From Running?

Continuing our week of Summer Six Pack Season
By True Core
True Core
Can You Get Six-pack Abs From Running?

Continuing our week of Summer Six Pack Season, today we are going to tell you if you can get Six Pack Abs from running.If you missed our two prior topics:What workout routine is best for your core muscles on a daily basis!How do I get six-pack abs as quickly as possible? Feel free to go back and catch up on some great advice!But for today....Can running give you a six pack?Well this is actually this ins't your typical black or white answer.It will depend on a few other factors:1) What type of running are you doing? Long intervals? Short intense spirts?2) What is your body type like? There are 3 typical body types, we discussed in our previous blog posts "I know I should lift weights but I don't want to bulk up"3) What kind of diet are you consuming? Is it one that supports muscle growth with adequate protein?Most people engage in LSD while they run. No not the drug.....come on guys we are health & wellness facility after all....But rather Long Slow Distance. Meaning they are operating at 75% or less exertion for a minimum of 45 mins.This kind of exercise typically will no produce the rippled abdominals so many people seek.  While longer distance training has its place in fitness, it does not promote the hormones or muscle contractions needs to increase muscle mass. You will see people typically lean out at first from running. But if this becomes their main form of exercise, often times they end up losing muscle mass.That occurs because the body is an efficient machine. It learns that it is going to be pounding over on pavement over and over again. The higher weight it carries (this includes muscle) the slower and more at risk it becomes. So, the body begins to utilize BOTH fat and muscle as type of fuel. This is not ideal for long term health & wellness. We already spoke about WHY having more muscle on your body is a good thing! Running is a great form of exercise! It increase cardiovascular health. Decreases blood pressure. And can even act as a mediation tool. However, it should not be the only aspect of a person's fitness. When it comes to Six Pack Abs or muscle definition, a person needs higher intensity movements & resistance training to see definition.

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