Don't Know Where to Start?

We have made it through the first scary wave of COVID-19.
By True Core
True Core
Don't Know Where to Start?

We have made it through the first scary wave of COVID-19. We have gotten through months of quarantine and lockdown. As a result we have all emerged different then before. The people we once were are now shaped by the experience of the last 4 months.What are we taking away from this time? For me, it made perfectly clear what a priority my healthy must be. When a world wide pandemic hits I NEED to be able to rely on my health.Not just because I don't want to get COVID-19. But also because everyday activities become extremely challenging. I need to be able to support my body & be able to stay out hospitals or doctors offices or possibly anywhere else!In the last 4 months many primary care physicians were asking their patients to wait for yearly physicals. Delaying routine checkup unless they were deemed "essential." I don't know about you but I want to make sure if that situation arises again I am healthy and comfortable waiting!So after 4 months of uncertainty, fear, & too much Netflix, you have decided its time to make a change. Improving your healthy, nutrition, & fitness is the goal. But how do you get there?FEELING OVERWHELMEDDetermining which nutrition plan to start, or what gym to join, or if personal training is the right route can becoming totally overwhelming. Many people do not make actually start making change, because the first step seems too daunting. Understandably so!As I scroll through facebook or instagram within 10 seconds I see 5 adds for quick fix workout plans. Many right now promote "total body change from the comfort of your own home!" But lets be honest....working out from home alone is hard! If it wasn't the term "quarantine 19" would have never been coined.If you are like me, simply having a workout plan won't do much. I need another person to help me stick to it. Someone that will motivate me. That will keep my safety and goals in mind. That will encourage me when the couch is looking much more comfortable the my dumbbells...The same is true when it comes to nutrition. Even if I KNOW what to eat... does not mean I am going to do it. But having a coach that is invested in me, that holds me accountable, that checkins in with me and celebrates each milestone with me, will really help keep me moving FORWARD to lasting real change.I NEED A COACHWhen you walk into True Core, we want to get to know YOU. We want to learn WHY you are looking to start working out. What GOALS you would like achieve? What has worked in the past for you or not worked? How do you feel about fitness? Is it something you love or loath? How BEST can we help YOU.There is no cookie cutter, take this pill, one size fits all approach. It does not exist.Each new member walking through our doors will have an individual coach to guide them to find the path that is right for them. Each time you walk into True Core, you will be met with guidance for YOUR specific goals, interest, and needs.Is personal training the best option to reach your goals? Your coach will help you decide.Are group classes the right fit? Your coach will help you determine that.Do you need nutrition coaching? Your coach will help you figure that out.NO MORE GUESSINGI used to walking into a gym completely clueless. I would see this space filled with ellipticals, random weight machines, treadmills, & and people that looked like they knew what they were doing. But upon closer examination everyone was kind of wondering around aimlessly."Ok, I want to get stronger," I would say to myself. "Which one of these machines should I do today then? How many times should I do it?" Often I would leave less then 30 mins later because I was overwhelmed and discouraged. When I eventually learned what to do, then I became bored with the same old movements day in and day out.When people walk into True Core they are greeted by their Coach & friends ready to workout with them.They never have to decide what kind of workout to do. We spend countless hours developing the BEST full body workout. That workout is then told to each of our members by their coach.We don't do the same old boring routines every single day. Workouts at True Core are constantly varied. Both in body parts as well as movements. The only time we repeat a workout is test progress.No one has to adjust workouts on their own, or try to figure out how to modify anything. Each member is guided by coaches to make sure the workout is suited preciously for their abilities and goals.WE WANT TO HELPIf you know you want to improve your health, fitness, and/or nutrition, but you don’t know where to start, please come have a conversation with us. We want to help.

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