Don't Let Consistency be the Enemy of Your Workouts

By True Core
Don't Let Consistency be the Enemy of Your Workouts

Have you ever started the new year with a fitness goal, only to struggle with consistency a few weeks in? It’s easy to get enthusiastic about working out when we first set our goals, but it can be difficult to maintain that enthusiasm. The truth is, getting consistent with your workouts takes more than just enthusiasm – it takes dedication and also accountability.

Staying consistent with workouts can be difficult; most people have struggled with this, and Brian Schaus has also. He was working out on his own in his basement before joining True Core, and he felt like he wasn't truly getting anything out of it and that only slight changes were happening. Brian was just kind of waking up in the morning and deciding what he wanted to do that day, and if he were too tired to do any lifting, he wouldn't do it, as no one was holding him accountable. He was unhappy with it; hence he decided to get back to CrossFit and he reached out to True Core. 

Brian noticed a lot of changes when he became part of True Core. One of them is losing weight, which was his main goal. Brian started having a better diet and has become mindful of his eating habits. He doesn’t have that extra drink at night which helps him be more ready the next day. Moreover, his sleep has improved; from always waking up two or three times throughout the night before, he has restful and deep sleep now. He goes to bed at a decent time, waking up early feeling energized, his mood is better, and he’s much happier. 

Having someone there to motivate, challenge, encourage, and guide us through our fitness journey makes all the difference between success and failure. A personal trainer or fitness coach provides structure and accountability, which helps us stay consistent with our workout routine. True Core helped Brian plan his day and make it a routine and improve his overall well-being. 

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