Embracing the Journey: Conquering Body Image and Weight Struggles with True Core

By True Core
Embracing the Journey: Conquering Body Image and Weight Struggles with True Core

In a society that often emphasizes unrealistic beauty standards, it's not uncommon for individuals to face personal battles with their body and weight. We live in a world where images of the "perfect" figure are plastered across social media, leaving many feeling inadequate and unworthy. But amidst these challenges, there are those who choose to embark on a journey of self-discovery, embracing their struggles and finding empowerment within themselves.

This is the heartfelt story of Christine Reinhard. She was grappling with her body image and weight issues but navigating the complex path toward self-acceptance, body positivity, and ultimately, finding peace within herself, with the help from the True Core mindset mentorship program.

Christine has been a long time member of True Core, participating consistently in group classes yet she still needed a bit more help to stay on track. Aline from True Core meets with her on weekly one on one calls to discuss nutrition and hydration and texts her regularly, asking how she's been doing. This assists Christine in realizing her improvements and growth, as well as helping her to brainstorm to correct the areas she's not doing so well in. 

Since doing the mindset mentorship, Christine is much more confident. Her clothes are now looser, she’s starting to see some major muscles and she feels stronger overall. Her eating habits changed as Christine started eating more whole foods and less processed ones. She limits her alcohol intake to one day a week and still has some dessert in moderate amounts, not beating herself up with food restrictions, instead, having the right balance. Christine doesn’t want to feel guilty when she does have what she enjoys in life. 

Furthermore, her self-esteem and mindset drastically changed. As a working mom, and a wife,  who has a lot on her plate and tends to put herself last on that list, Christine learned how to make time for herself, and practices self care. She also started practicing positive self-talk. Christine knows that she is still a work in progress but she is continuing to take steps forward to live her best life.

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