Empower Your Well-being: The Transformative Journey of Shandrial at True Core

By True Core
Empower Your Well-being: The Transformative Journey of Shandrial at True Core

Choosing to embark on a fitness journey is a decision to prioritize your well-being. It's an acknowledgment that investing time and effort in yourself is not selfish but essential for a balanced and fulfilling life. The journey may have its challenges, but the rewards are immeasurable.

Shandrial is a mother who has been struggling with her physical and mental health before embarking on her True Core journey. She wasn’t happy with her body, her energy was low, and she is taking medication to help with her mental state. She attempted to combat all of that independently before joining True Core. Shandrial began to improve her nutrition by ordering pre-made meals, but she still felt stuck. While it helped her mentally not to think about the meals she would prepare and eat, it didn’t help physically because she knew she needed to incorporate some workouts into her daily life.

Working with True Core is helping her recognize things she wouldn’t have noticed on her own. It enabled her mindset that achieving things doesn't happen overnight; there is a process and a pattern she needs to follow.

Shandrial enjoys being held accountable with the help of True Core. Sharing the journey with like-minded people creates a positive and motivating atmosphere. The communities' connections can be a powerful source of encouragement and accountability. She loves their Alumni Package, which provides people with long-term guidance, connections, and a way of life. There is someone who checks in on her, plans and modifies her workouts, guides her with sleeping habits, and motivates her. 

Shandrial’s energy has greatly improved with True Core; she is no longer tired, is more playful with her son, and feels good about herself. She exercises, goes to bed reasonably, drinks water, and moves her body. Moreover, True Core taught her that the key to success is to rise quickly when you mess up and fall down and not allow yourself to remain in a messy situation.

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