Establishing patterns of behavior for change with True Core

By True Core
Establishing patterns of behavior for change with True Core

Change is a constant in life, and sometimes we need to change our behaviors in order to grow, adapt, or improve our overall well-being. Andrea Ousler shares her True Core process for developing positive habits and behaviors that can lead to long-term transformation.

Andrea tried running before joining True Core to incorporate cardio into her routine, but it just didn't work for her because she has to be careful with her Achilles due to an injury last year. Andrea believed that she needed structure to change because she felt frustrated when she tried it on her own. Fortunately, she discovered True Core. 

Andrea appreciates how the coaches push her to improve. True Core incorporates both cardio and strength components for Andrea to work on.

This aided Andrea in laying the groundwork for her overall well-being. Andrea realized that everything takes time, and she reminds herself that being patient with herself is an opportunity to grow; she must compete with herself, not with others.

In conclusion, changing one's behavior requires self-awareness, goal setting, consistency, patience, and support. Understanding your motivations, setting clear goals, developing a routine, tracking progress, being patient, and seeking support can help you make long-term positive changes in your life. 

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