Get Comfortable with Being Uncomfortable

By True Core
Get Comfortable with Being Uncomfortable

More times than not, success lies outside your comfort zone. If you want to see results, you have to leave your comfort zone and embrace the uncomfortable. Let’s explore how Shannon Tucker embraces the uncomfortable, in terms of working out. 

Shannon already wanted to try more intense workouts before joining True Core. He had been interested in CrossFit but was hesitant to try it due to its intensity. He wanted to improve his physical fitness, tighten up his body, learn new things and become a better person. As Shannon tried it on his own, things were a little sporadic, and he badly needed some guidance; hence he became part of True Core. Even though his first workout was hard, he loved it. Shannon loves learning new things and always reminds himself of why he’s doing it. Aside from learning new techniques, Shannon also lost weight and, more importantly, gained some muscle AND mindfulness. True Core helped him set his priorities with scheduling, as it keeps him on track because he knows where he needs to be at certain times throughout his daily schedule. He is making the most of his time doing stuff that matters to him. Overall, he feels better about himself and realized that being comfortable with discomfort might be scary at first but very rewarding in the end. 

Embracing the uncomfortable can be an important step to achieve your fitness goals. It can be challenging to push yourself beyond your comfort zone and attempt exercises that feel unfamiliar or awkward, but it will yield beneficial results. Embracing the uncomfortable is crucial for setting yourself apart and experiencing personal growth physically and mentally. Stepping up the intensity of your workout or incorporating new activities challenges you and drives you closer to your ultimate objectives. Let us help you get comfortable with the uncomfortable too!

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