How Can I Improve My Deadlift?

We see deadlifts very often inside True Core, they come up for strength
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How Can I Improve My Deadlift?

We see deadlifts very often inside True Core, they come up for strength training in the form of heavy sets of 10,5,3 or even a 1 rep max and we also regularly see deadlifts with lighter loads placed into our conditioning workouts.  These few tips and the video guide should help improve both your maximal strength numbers and your efficiency with lighter weights.

1. Feet
Foot position is crucial for your setup and is often overlooked. Place feet directly under hips with toes pointing out just slightly. Hide the knots of your shoelaces under the bar so your mid foot is directly under the barbell.

2. Hands
Hands should be placed directly under your shoulders while staying wide enough so there is no contact with your legs and arms during the repetitions. For grip the best option is going to be a mixed grip with one hand facing the palm out and the other with palm facing in.  

3. Setup 
When you set yourself into the initial deadlift position the bar should be touching your shins that are almost completely vertical. Your knees should always be under your hips and hips are always under your shoulders. Back is a neutral position with emphasis on maintaining your lumbar curve.

4. Execution
Think of the deadlift like a leg press. Staying tight with your core engaged, drive your legs through the floor as your arms stay straight through the entire lift and your hips and shoulders rise together so your hips extend as your knees lock out at the top finishing with shoulders behind the bar. On the way down, hips push back first lowering the bar to just above the knees before knees bend and the bar and athlete return to their original position.I hope you find these tips helpful now get out there and pick some weight up! 

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