How Do I Get Six-pack Abs As Quickly As Possible?

Summer is officially here!
By True Core
True Core
How Do I Get Six-pack Abs As Quickly As Possible?

Summer is officially here!Swim suit season is in FULL EFFECT!And with swim suits come the common question....How do I get six-pack abs as quickly as possible?Well let me tell you....You need to BURN FAT!That is the FASTEST WAY to get any kind of muscle definition you are seeking.Yesterday we talked about how important weight training & nutrition are in building muscle mass. They play the same role here too.However, all the pretty muscles are not going to be able to seen there is a large layer of fat over them...So while diet is extremely important (tips given in yesterdays post) you have to be training the correct forms of exercise too. Workouts that will jump start your metabolism and shred fat. This looks like....High Intensity Interval Training & WeightliftingHigh intensity interval training forces the body to operate at 80% or higher exertion rate. This is intensive state allows more calories to be burned and fat to melt away. Thus revealing that gorgeous six pack we all want.Weightlifting will increase mass muscle (as explained yesterday) and also keep your metabolism elevated for hours afterwards. Thecatabolic state (breaking down to build up) of weight training results in your metabolism being increased for 24-36 hrs post workout session. Your body is burning extra calories (usually fat cells) in order to help it rebuild the muscle tissue that was broken down during the training session.True Core utilizes both form of exercise daily in our classes. Barbells, kettlebells, & dumbbells are only a few of the weight objects we utilize to help build strength & shred fat.Our workouts are designed to bring members up to the 80% effort level and keep them there. Thus shred all that old stubborn fat away!We pride ourselves on leading the most efficient workout program you will find!Interested in trying out a free fat burning session? Click here to get set one up today!

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