How My Life Changed With True Core

Life can be overwhelming at times. You may not have enough energy to accomplish your goals
By True Core
True Core
How My Life Changed With True Core

Life can be overwhelming at times. You may not have enough energy to accomplish your goals, and with the average person struggling to find motivation in day-to-day tasks, it's not surprising that mental health is deteriorating. It can be difficult to know where to begin when attempting to make a change for yourself, but the first step is to recognize what is going on within you.

Rylee Martin experienced the same thing. Prior to joining True Core, she was struggling with a lack of motivation for almost everything, which was negatively affecting her mental health. She noticed that she was talking down to herself a lot more, and she didn't like the direction her laziness and bad eating habits were taking her. So she'd start different things, but they weren't sustainable, and just end up driving them away, thus, everything just got worse and worse. Despite her efforts to become more active and socialize with friends, as well as try new things, her eating habits remain the same. She would become frustrated with herself because she believed that no matter what she did, it was not working for her. 

Life becomes different when Rylee starts her journey with True Core. She noticed that everything has become much more sustainable and understandable. She discovers what works best for her and sticks to it. The weekly habits she had given her helped her stick with them and implement them in her daily life. Rylee's mental stability improved significantly as well; she became more positive with herself, happier, and had more energy throughout the day. She spends a lot more time with her friends, her eating habits and diet have changed dramatically because she's not eating like crap anymore, she's lost weight, feels better in her own skin, and is more confident in herself. Other people, especially her family also saw these changes in her.

True Core coaches were extremely helpful in keeping Rylee on track in the program because she would kind of reflect back and think about every single day from the previous week even in the middle of the coaching halls. And she'd come across more habit insights, which she'd jot down right away. As a result, Rylee did not find it difficult to change herself; it is much easier for her now than it was before when she had to force herself to do things she knew she needed to do even though she didn't want to. It had already become a part of her day, but when she felt like she wasn't doing it, or she was super busy, or her schedule was changing, she wouldn't debate with herself about it. Rylee would simply cut it out for that day, but she would re-plan and include it in her daily activities, and she would find a way to make it up the next day.

True Core definitely impacts her overall health. From her energy to motivation, to her mental health, as well as physical readiness where it made her perform better not just throughout her days but as well with her work. She’s more willing to go out and do more things for herself.
“Give it a shot. The hardest part is walking in on the first day and finding where you're starting because everything else True Core handled for me.” - Rylee

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