How to be stronger within 8 weeks?

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By True Core
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How to be stronger within 8 weeks?

Coach Shannon chatted with new yet highly dedicated member, Catherine Henry, about her experience since joining True Core. Click the above link to listen to Catherine's experience or read below! 

Coach Shannon: would you mind telling us a little bit about your True Core experience what brought you in the first day?

Catherine: So the first day really was I'd been working out at home and I wanted to get back into the gym environment and my husband was coming and said he really True Core and I really wanted to lift weights so that's really what drew me originally. 

Coach Shannon: tell me a little bit about what that was like, what was a goal that you had regarding weights and getting stronger?

Catherine: I really enjoy legs, so deadlifts have been really fun and I've gotten a lot stronger on those. I've really been working on my form so I don't hurt myself. Then just did a back squat today personal record of 165 pounds! 

Coach Shannon: what was your first impression when you came into true core?

Catherine: I really like how it is a community and when I walked the first few weeks everybody was saying hi to me getting to know who they were and how long they had been here. I also just like that I have my own space when I'm working out too it gives me a lot of comfortability having that space to lift and then also getting guidance from the coaches has been really helpful!

Coach Shannon: How do you feel regarding everything with covid and being inside a gym and just how are things here with all that?

Catherine: Yeah I feel really safe here, it's a really big open area so I don't feel like I'm on top of each other. I also feel really great with the coaches always having masks on if they're coming up closer to help you with technique and then the garage doors are open often so fresh air is coming in which i think is really nice. 

Coach Shannon : Its been eight weeks but it feels like it's been more than that because you've come in and just taken the bull by the horns. Is there a goal that you've achieved since you've been here?

Catherine: Honestly I think like my cardiovascular has gotten a lot better. I’m running a little bit easier i still am not a fan of it but i'm running easier i'm doing a lot of these like sprint workouts easier breathing through them. So that's been kind of a goal of mine that i was notworking on when i was working out at home

Coach Shannon :What would you say to someone that might be scared or nervous to come in for their first class or they hear the word crossfit and they get nervous or what would you say to those people that are i'm going to wait to get fit before they come in?

Catherine: I would say definitely just come and try it. Also get to know the people that are here it really makes it a community experience and everyone's working towards the same end goal and you push yourself a little harder because you're around other people and it's really just supposed to be fun and enjoy it. You'll get better as you go. The best part about being part of the True Core Crew is the communit. Everyone's so nice and cheering everyone on as you go, that's been the bes, its awesome!

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