How to Decrease Pain and Increase Performance?

Do you struggle with things like...
By True Core
True Core
How to Decrease Pain and Increase Performance?

Do you struggle with:a) Making time for mobility work?b) Knowing what mobility work is most necessary or beneficial depending on how you are feeling or what you are doing?Join True Core for a 4-week Mobility Education Course including 8 classes, where we will discuss and learn how to mobilize and stabilize throughout the body to help maximize mobility and stability within your daily life and workout routine.Coach Christy Asonglefac is a Doctor of Physical Therapy at Proformance Sports Rehab and Nutrition & a Level 1 CrossFit Coach at True Core. She is passionate about helping others move with better quality in order to maximize safety and longevity with athletic movement and performance.During this 4-week course series, we will go over mobility drills for major regions of the body, discuss how to perform a proper mobility and stability warm-up and/or accessory routine for these regions, and dive deeper into maximizing squat mechanics and overhead mechanics via a mobility routine.Cost is $65 for the four weeks. The course will be held virtually but altered to in person if we are allowed to meet. Classes begin Monday May 18th CLICK HERE TO REGISTER NOWMonday & Thursdays 7:00 pm

Week 1- Spinal mobility and core activation

Week 2- Shoulder

Week 3- Hip

Week 4- Knee/Ankle/Foot

Week 5- Squat mobility

Week 6- Overhead mobility and stability

Week 7- Dynamic warm-up (putting it al together)

Week 8- Tools to use in assisting with mobility, injury awareness (what do you do if you think you injured yourself beyond “normal soreness”)

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