How to Improve Myself?

We are all very aware of our shortcomings, that’s good.
By True Core
True Core
How to Improve Myself?

We are all very aware of our shortcomings, that’s good. Part of self-acceptance and self-improvement is knowing what we “lack” and what we do not do well. This gives us a goal, it gives us something to work on. Not too many of us are aware of, or acknowledge, our strengths, and progress. We focus on the negative. We push aside how far we have come and only look at far we have to go. We incessantly list all of the things we can’t do while disregarding all of the improvements that we have made. We easily point out body parts that we hate but are hard pressed to acknowledge the parts of our body parts that we love. Stop. Take some time to celebrate yourself.Self-love is the greatest motivator we have to accomplish our ambitions and it begins with the way you talk to yourself. Start talking to yourself as if your thoughts are projected over a loud speaker. What would you want your family to hear you say about yourself as you look in the mirror? What would you want the rest of the gym to hear you say while practicing a new movement or when you are struggling to finish the WOD? It is ok to acknowledge that things are hard and that there is work to be done. You also need acknowledge how far you have come, how hard you work, and what you are able to accomplish. Compare yourself now to the person you were when you first walked through the doors at True Core. Are we perfect now? No, but no one is. However, we are stronger, healthier, and more badass than we were on that first day and we should celebrate that.Being mindful of how we talk to ourselves can keep us in a positive mind set, on track with what we want to accomplish, and give us the resiliency to keep pushing when setbacks arise.Have fun. I’ll see you out there.Danny

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