How to Lose 60 Pounds with the Help of True Core Nutrition?

Let’s dive into Ali’s story.
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How to Lose 60 Pounds with the Help of True Core Nutrition?

Let’s dive into Ali’s story. The story of a mom, a professor, a wife, and a truly amazing person who has CRUSHED multiple nutrition challenges and lost over 60 pounds!

  1. Who are you and what do you do?

I'm Ali!  I'm a professor of biology, zoology and microbiology at Chesapeake College.  I have two kids, my husband is also a TC member and we all live in Stevensville, MD with our cat and pug.

  1. Why did you go the challenge?

I initially did the challenge because I felt like I had no idea what to eat or when to eat it and I wasn't taking care of myself.  I wasn't a terrible eater but I was eating a lot of fruits and carbs with not enough veggies or fats.  I learned so much during the first challenge that it literally changed my approach to food, how and what I eat every day.  I learned how to properly fuel my body before and after workouts and overall a much more balanced diet!  

The second challenge was because of the pandemic and after the quarantine games were done in April, I needed something to keep me on track.  This round I learned a bunch of new meals and focused on eating more fats and protein and also new fats and proteins.  I felt I was in a good place but this challenge was a great reminder of things I knew but kind of put aside so it helped me refocus. The first challenge I was focused on better eating which resulted in weight loss.  The second time around I lost a pound or two but gained some muscle which was nice!  

  1. Did you see results?

During the first challenge I lost 20lbs and 4% body fat. During the second I lost two pounds 1% percent body fat while gaining half a pound of muscle mass!  

  1. Have you seen success in your nutrition since the challenge has ended?

These challenges have literally changed my life.  I no longer stress that I'm not getting enough protein or fat and I know WHAT to eat when I'm hungry rather than opening the pantry and just staring. I also feel more confident eating out...additionally, my weight loss journey did not end with either of the nutrition challenges, in total I have lost 60 pounds with the help of True Core Nutrition! 

Many of you can relate to the struggle of balancing a busy home, professional, and personal life. Aly is living proof that you can have all of that while still taking care of YOU.

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