How True Core Coaching Sessions Made me Stronger?

Let's find out how True Core has helped a lot with everyone's fitness journey
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How True Core Coaching Sessions Made me Stronger?

Coach Shannon: Would you mind telling me a little bit about what you brought what brought you to our doors here at True Coach?

Luanne: We we moved to Annapolis couple years ago and I've been in and out of working out. Then I suddenly found myself with enough time to go to the gym regularly. I like True Core because you're very welcoming and I knew a couple of folks who had been here and spoke very highly of the classes and the camaraderie here. 

Coach Shannon: what was your first impression when you came in?

Luanne: It's very clean very clean I like that!

Coach Shannon: Oh I love to hear that!  Did anything else stand out to you besides our cleanliness?

Luanne: My first visit here was post covid, so cleanliness and the way everything is set up and just very well organized was just it was different than it was when you know going to the gym pre-covid. But i really like it!

Coach Shannon: Well I'm glad to hear that! You've been working with Coach Ryan through a bunch of personal training as well. What kind of kind of improvements in your life have you seen?

Luanne: I’m stronger, I can carry my own cases of water and wine. Oh! I like that i can carry the paving stones to pave the backyard and just practical things like that

Coach Shannon: Functional fitness! yes excellent!  do you plan to continue personal training in the future and if so why? 

Luanne: I will do personal training not necessarily like three times a week the way I was.  The purpose of that was just i've not been in the gym in a while i wanted to kind of get back up and refresh my memory and all the skills.  I plan on  doing the regular Crossfit classes and then checking in with Ryan probably once or twice a month. He's helping me train for the Crossfit open next February.

Coach Shannon: Okay excellent! So you've seen strength gains, you've seen functional fitness gains, you have just overall seen gains! Would you recommend personal training here at True Core to friends, family, or  strangers?  Is it something that you think has improved your quality of life?

Luanne: yes I would. I think it's it's very helpful!. I mean the coaches of course help us out during the classes but it's very helpful just to have that 1-on-1 and work through specific things.  Both Coach Ryan and a couple of the other coaches have been able to help with particular problems during my sessions. 

I've got problem with let's say  an overhead squat and this muscle hurts and that's kind of weird. They can say oh your elbow's bent. straighten that out. And it's just magically better! Some 1-on-1 attention and care goes a long way! 

Coach Shannon: Have you had achievements or overcome something that maybe  thought you couldn't do before? 

Luanne: Last Friday actually! So what I normally do in classes is I come in and then I take the intermediate workout and scale that down. Coach Ryan has been really good at helping me figure out the appropriate scaling. He’s particularly good at scaling for time and just sort of knowing how long it will take me to do a row or assault bike or something like that. But last Friday was the first time that i have done the intermediate as it was actually written. 

Coach Shannon: That's progress!  iI's strength too! It's goal achieved yes?

Luanne: Goal achieved goal achieved! 

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