I Saw Almost An Immediate Change In My Body

Margo is a mom of two kids and a professional in the Annapolis Community.
By True Core
True Core
I Saw Almost An Immediate Change In My Body

Margo is a mom of two kids and a professional in the Annapolis Community. Prior to becoming a member of True Core, she’s the type of woman who played sports growing up. Her health and fitness are quite okay as she hadn’t really tried very hard to stay in shape, not until she had her two children.

For some women, pregnancy and delivery are two of the most gratifying and life-changing events they may have. However, because of the multiple changes that have occurred to the body as a result of delivery, it is common to feel insecure and unattractive.

“...So I hadn't really tried very hard to stay in shape, but I had always liked the way that I looked. And now, not liking the way that I looked was a really new, awful thing to experience.”

In this blog, Margo shared her story of being a member of True Core and how it has helped her feel better about herself, be more confident, have more control over her life, and become a better health consumer. 

Before being a member of True Core, Margo faced some challenges in terms of her health and fitness. It is challenging for her to find a gym, and when she would find it near her house, there would be equipment but she doesn't know how to use it, and she felt that everybody was staring at her even though they weren’t. She also doesn’t understand how important nutrition was, as well as that lifting weight is actually a good way to be in shape. Not just from the typical running, biking, and exercising which she keeps on doing even though she doesn’t like it, especially running.

“I also didn't feel great afterward because I wasn't getting a good workout. So I would spend an hour doing something I didn't like and then it was really hard to get motivated to go back again because I was forcing myself to do something that I didn't enjoy.”

She discerns that it wasn’t the gym’s fault, but it was her lack of knowledge and training, and resources to use all the things that it had. It wasn't that she couldn’t find a better regular gym, hence it was that a regular gym wasn't for her, that made Margo realize and decide to go for a change.

Luckily, her friend Andrea convinced her to try True Core. And as most people think, Margo never thought of herself as the kind of person that would be doing CrossFit, but it turns out that it is her calling. It is in True Core where she found the right place, the right workout, and the right training that she’s been looking for.

She loved the first interaction she had with True Core that got Margo off the fence to actually try it. True Core changed her totality, in all aspects. She was able to learn how to eat properly as she did a nutrition challenge. Since most of us don't realize that we don’t know what we are putting in our bodies because there are all these fad diets out there. The second thing is the first time she figured out how to lift weights and apparently, she discovered that it was the best for her body, thus Margo was able to see almost an immediate change in her body structure, specifically in the range of eight months. She now becomes aware in terms of better health, and when having medical interventions.

“They were just happy to see me. And then there were people there to actually help me learn how to work out. So I think of it as group personal training...And then I was really looking forward to coming back because I wanted to have that feeling. So I think it has positively impacted me physically, emotionally, and socially.

Margo never left True Core feeling terrible about herself; instead, she always left feeling better about herself. And everything takes time, as long as we allow ourselves enough time to see the outcomes, as long as we are dedicated to doing the effort, showing up, and doing the things that we need to do, things will be fine.

“I think being a member of the True Core makes me feel like I have more control over than I thought that I did. Because once you're educated and you understand how to do it, it's easier for you to make the right choices for yourself. I also think that I never thought of myself as somebody that could be a CrossFit athlete.”

Many individuals are unaware that physical activity has a positive impact on one's mental health as well. That’s how we can measure progress too, how much easier the things that people are doing now unlike before, as long as you get more practice and more conditioning.  It is almost certain that we will notice the outcomes and see progress.
If you can just consistently make a commitment to show up and do the work, you're going to look and feel the way that you want. - Margo Cook

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