Is CrossFit Safe for 60 year olds?

What brought you to True Core in the first place?
By True Core
True Core
Is CrossFit Safe for 60 year olds?

Coach Heather: All right, Seth. What brought you to True Core in the first place? 

Seth: Well, I was stuck in a rut. All I was doing was cardio. I was taking spin class after spin class and a friend of mine suggested to shake it up- is to try a Crossfit experience and I did that outside of this area. I did it in Buffalo, New York and I loved it. I thought it was way cool and so then I found this community here.

Coach Heather: Cool! What is your new goal?

Seth: My new goal? I’m going to keep my goals very simple. My new goal is overhead squats and double unders because I think, I should just keep it simple for now and long term? We'll worry about that later. 

Coach Heather: Awesome! And then what's your favorite experience?

Seth: With the community, well it's like a family here isn't it? People are just so nice. I think it's amazing that you can have someone who's 60 years old, working out with a 20-year-old and nobody judges you. Everybody encourages you and it's a great community that has a lot of support and the coaching here is phenomenal.

Coach Heather: Awesome!

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