Is Weightlifting at a Young Age Bad for Me?

We have all heard the rumors that kids lifting weights is dangerous.
By True Core
True Core
Is Weightlifting at a Young Age Bad for Me?

We have all heard the rumors that kids lifting weights is dangerous.This usually is followed up with a "it will stunt their growth" explanation.Whats so interesting about this claim is that is simply is not true!The myth that kids will stop growing if they lift weights too young is not supported by any scientific evidence or research.What is supported by evidence AND research both is that responsible program design and supervised resistance training programs have numerous benefits for kids, including:

What is so often overlooked just about all of the recreational activities children take part in is the injury risk. Research show that 15-30% of all childhood fractures involve the growth plate. So realistically kids a higher chance of "stunting their growth" playing in the background then they do weight training.Weight training strengthens a child's tendons & ligaments just as it does an adult's. As result it children actually have been shown to have LESS sports-related injury when they participate in proper resistance training. This is the opposite of what most people grew up believing.The self-confidence and improved healthy habits developed during a consistent exercise program can not be replaced. We have watched countless children start in our True Core Kids program, learning the fundamentals of proper movement. Then they advance into our True Core Teens where they become faster, stronger, & have more endurance. All the while picking up pointers on how to grow their bodies properly. Being taught what it means to appreciate their bodies for what it can do rather then just how it looks.Interested in getting your child started with 1-on-1 sports training? Or in our Teens program? Contact Coach Ryan at

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