Jamie Whalen: Struggling with Being Consistent in Health and Fitness and Sticking to Plans with True Core

By True Core
True Core
Jamie Whalen: Struggling with Being Consistent in Health and Fitness  and Sticking to Plans with True Core

Whether hitting the gym every other day or preparing healthy meals throughout the week, sticking to health and fitness plans can be challenging. We often need extra motivation to stay committed and progress in our health journey. It's easy to get excited about starting a new fitness or health plan, but sometimes it can be tough to stay motivated and on track.

Jamie Whalen, is a mom and nurse, who struggled with sticking to a plan and being consistent in her health and fitness journey. Despite her best efforts, Jamie constantly fell off track and needed more confidence and energy to commit to her goals truly. It was overwhelming for Jamie, and she felt bad about herself when she tried to do it on her own and couldn’t.

It wasn't until Jamie joined True Core, a fitness and wellness community, that things started to turn around for her. With the support and accountability of the True Core team, Jamie overcame her struggles with motivation and inconsistency and finally started seeing the progress she had always wanted. Jamie got more energy and feels happier, in addition, her strength and endurance improved.

One of the biggest game changers for Jamie was the sense of community and support she found at True Core. She’s more confident in the gym setting, knowing she’s not being judged. Also, her closest friend works out with her, so that's a huge mood booster; she no longer felt like she was trying to navigate her health and fitness journey alone. Instead, she had a team of like-minded individuals cheering her on and helping her stay on track. She feels accountable, which created room for her growth. It's not perfect, but she puts forth the effort. She shows up for herself, making small changes at home and getting her family involved. It's still a process, but it's going in the right direction. She believes that being part of True Core is worth it. You just have to take the first step and do it.

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