Jeremy Ragsdale: The Pursuit of Good Health and Fitness with True Core

By True Core
Jeremy Ragsdale: The Pursuit of Good Health and Fitness with True Core

In a world overflowing with information and conflicting advice, it's easy to feel overwhelmed when it comes to matters of health and fitness. Our lack of understanding is not for a lack of trying. We invest time, money, and energy into various fitness trends and wellness practices, hoping to uncover the secret formula for vitality and longevity. Yet, despite our efforts, we remain puzzled by the constant contradictions and ever-changing recommendations that pervade the health and fitness industry.

Jeremy Ragsdale also struggled with not knowing and not understanding completely the proper way to lose weight. He wasn’t sure if he was actually losing fat or muscle when he tried doing keto on his own. He realized that keto alone is incomplete and he needed more. That’s when Jeremy found True Core. Jeremy became more focused on his goals and at the same time just enjoying the journey. 

Jeremy loves how True Core coaches are patient with him. For someone who has ADHD, True Core helped Jeremy become more disciplined. He loves having people who encourage him and really supports him. His nutrition has improved and he has more energy. Jeremy can see the progress on his legs and arms because of the visible muscle definition. Being with True Core has made Jeremy feel better overall. He loves the community, being motivating and having accountability.

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