Jim Santee: Building Consistency in Habits with True Core

By True Core
Jim Santee: Building Consistency in Habits with True Core

Maintaining good habits and consistency can be a challenging endeavor, especially when faced with the unpredictability of spur-of-the-moment feelings. One moment, you're dedicated to your routine, and the next, an impulsive emotion or circumstance throws you off course, making it difficult to adhere to the positive routines you aim to establish in your lives. Jim Santee, just like any other, was struggling with maintaining good habits, managing stress as well as having good sleeping habits. 

When Jim tries to solve it on his own, he feels as if he is treading water, never getting at it, never moving forward, and never going backwards. It's like sitting in the same spot without moving in any direction. He tried a lot of things, and not all of them were great. It was frustrating for Jim because he wasn't stable and consistent with his habits; instead, he was reacting to feelings on the spur of the moment rather than making things happen.

As Jim began his True Core transformation program, he started to refocus on what he had been doing and bringing back good habits from his former self. He began using a workout binder to help him plan, keep track of his workouts, and monitor his progress. True Core serves as Jim's guide on his journey to a better life and gives him a companion to help him figure things out, particularly when it comes to maintaining his habits and working out. He appreciates how True Core's mindset check-ins have helped and benefited him, ensuring that he is on the right track.

Jim's mindset has improved significantly as a result of the True Core Transformation Program. Having a healthy mindset manifest physically. He's been paying attention to his nutrition, drinking less alcohol, and being more active and moving around. Jim is in a much better mental state than before. He realized that it is difficult to maintain or develop good habits when you are constantly reacting to new stimuli or situations, because every place you go is a different culture and a completely different situation. It's unavoidable that he reacts in a certain way and simply gets through the day.

Jim advises people to know what they want to achieve in terms of lifestyle and overall fitness; they should set goals for themselves and keep moving forward. The True Core program taught Jim the importance of self-care. If he believes that this particular thing isn't working, he should stop doing it and basically put his foot down, regardless of the direction it should take. It's essentially a trial and error, and fortunately, Jim isn't defeated by the error and is still trying something else to move forward in life. Understanding the triggers, implementing effective strategies, and staying committed to your goals can help you build consistency. and cultivate positive habits that contribute to a healthier and more fulfilling life.

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