Laura Lambert’s Success Story: Learning Self Care with True Core

It is easy to become overwhelmed by all of the responsibilities that life throws at us in today's world.
By True Core
True Core
Laura Lambert’s Success Story: Learning Self Care with True Core
Laura Lambert lifting barbell at true core coaching

It is easy to become overwhelmed by all of the responsibilities that life throws at us in today's world. Whether it's work, school, or relationship issues, we frequently neglect ourselves and our needs. Everyone must prioritize self-care before expecting others to do so. Laura Lapprad Lambert had the same experience that prompted her to join TrueCore. 

She previously worked for another fitness organization but was laid off in the midst of the pandemic. She was looking for something to help her fitness game, such as the next step after getting back into it after having children and she needed an outlet. Since she's a stay-at-home mom, this is the only time she has to herself. So she needed a way to spend some time on herself and find a way to enjoy working out. 

Laura was struggling with self-care before coming to TrueCore. She was stuck in a fitness rut. She had looked into TrueCore for about a year before she came, but she never pulled the trigger and kept thinking about it. So it was just a matter of going in there and getting over her fear of not knowing what she was doing. Then time comes where she's starting to enjoy working out after working with TrueCore. For the first time in her life, Laura has been able to find things she'd like to do, things she enjoys such as powerlifting. She had no idea what powerlifting was, but now she does it three times per week. She loves the badass vibe it gives off. There's just something about pushing yourself and how good it feels when you finish a lot of things. Even if you feel like you're going to struggle at the end. 

Her self-esteem has always been an issue for her.It's not  just about losing weight or looking better. Those are goals, but there's something empowering about feeling strong, simply gaining confidence in herself and feeling stronger as a result. The biggest change she noticed in herself was probably her confidence, just finding a piece of herself again and having something for herself after having two children so close together and not feeling like she had anything for herself for a long time. Being able to lift heavier has resulted in her being able to achieve body composition goals that she had previously been unable to achieve. She's in the best shape she's ever been, and it's even better now than it was before. 

It was noticed by those around her. Exactly like two of her closest pals. Right now, she's frequently referred to as their "strong friend." She is capable of deadlifting whatever weight she is at the time. 

Laura is really happy with where she is right now. She feels better about herself now and having an outlet really helped her get into a better mindset and simply put life in general. When she first started at TrueCore, she wasn't happy with who she was interacting with in her marriage or who she was interacting with in her children's friend groups, so having her own outlet and doing her own thing really helped her get into a better place. It's almost like therapy for her.

“I love that True Core is all invested in making sure that people don't just fall through the cracks when they come in, just because they've signed a commitment. They’re actually walking with them through the journey.”

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