Libby’s Transformation

By True Core
Libby’s Transformation

Change is difficult. This is especially true for deeply ingrained habits.. Most of us have been in this situation, including Libby, who has been struggling with her relationship with food. She began eating poorly, stopped exercising, and stopped caring for herself because she was too busy being a mother and caring for her family. Even though Libby has a peloton, a buck bike, and weights, she lacked the mental capacity to begin, rendering all of these items ineffective. As a result, she gained weight and was unhappy with herself.

Libby's lifestyle has changed significantly since beginning her fitness journey with True Core. She learned to engage in daily activities or movements that would increase her energy level. She has gradually increased her strength training to three times per week, which is sustainable. Furthermore, her overall motivation to keep going has been important to this process, and she appreciates having an accountability partner in True Core. This network of encouragement helped Libby stay motivated and focused on her goals. True Core's workout plans were tailored to her fitness level, making each session challenging but manageable. She gradually noticed significant improvements in her strength, endurance, and overall health. 

As a result, Libby's overall happiness has improved significantly because she is no longer being hard on herself. She can still enjoy her life and eat the foods she loves in moderation, such as pizza on Fridays with her children. Having a more balanced lifestyle rather than completely cutting out everything to lose weight. Overall, Libby learned to refocus on herself.

True Core is for anyone who walks into the space, regardless of gender, background, age, size, or experience, to feel encouraged, supported, and learn to embrace who they are. Libby's experience with True Core Fitness demonstrates the value of addressing the mind, body, and soul in the pursuit of health and wellness. Her transformation highlights that, no matter how trapped you feel, change is always possible with the right tools and support system.

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