Making Life Changes with True Core | Emily Sweetman’s Success Story

It's easy to come up with excuses for not making the life choices we want.
By True Core
True Core
Making Life Changes with True Core | Emily Sweetman’s Success Story

It's easy to come up with excuses for not making the life choices we want. We tell ourselves it's because of our job, location, or family obligations. But are these the reasons we're avoiding what we want? Or are we just looking for an excuse not to change?

Emily Sweetman had the same issue before she began working with True Core. She is prone to blaming everything or inventing an excuse for being a mother of four. She frequently claims that she is simply tired because she is a mom, does not have time to exercise because she is a mom, and does not need to drink more water but needs caffeine because she is a mom. Emily made excuses so that she didn't have to make healthy choices. She's just in survival mode, where her typical day consists of being tired all of the time, not feeling great all of the time, and just getting by. Emily is also having difficulty holding herself accountable. She believes that the most significant key she needs is accountability. Someone not only tells her what she needs to do and how she needs to do it. But someone who’s also checking in on her and asking about her progress.

Eventually, Emily realized that she wanted to be the best version of herself. Not just for herself, but family and for her daughters. She wants to be that example of being healthy and taking good care of oneself, feeling good, and living a long, healthy life. 

When Emily started her journey and became part of True Core, the most significant change she noticed was that she had more energy, and her stress went down. Definitely just a general feeling of just being well and not that sickly as before. She started to get herself to build really good habits that have been helpful for her in all aspects of her life. Emily feels like setting goals for herself and meeting them is kind of trickling off into all aspects of her life, which helps her to be more structured and want to be more organized. The way she perceives things and self-talk also changed; instead of saying she starts to drink more water because she needs to, but she drinks more water because she should. Her mindset dramatically improves.

Emily Sweetman believes that people who are still on the fence about starting their fitness journey just need that little push, just try it and just see what happens. Good peer pressure can be helpful, especially if it is for your own good.
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Emily Sweetman

Emily Sweetman

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