Marilyn Leek: Embracing Self Care

By True Core
Marilyn Leek: Embracing Self Care

In a world that often puts immense pressure on appearance and perfection, many of us have experienced moments of self-doubt, feeling dissatisfied with the way we look. The constant barrage of unrealistic beauty standards or body shape that can take a toll on our self-esteem, leaving us feeling worn down and disconnected from our true selves. But amidst the struggle, there comes a turning point – a moment of realization that we deserve to be kinder to ourselves and embrace self-care as a transformative journey towards self-love.

Marilyn Leek had a similar feeling. She didn't like the way she looked before joining True Core but that is slowly changing. Marilyn has benefited greatly from the mindfulness aspect, as she was spending so much time thinking about what she should eat, how she should eat, and how much she should eat, and that had taken a toll on her. The True Core support system is tremendous; no one is judging, she is not intimidated, and, most importantly, Marilyn does not feel any less of herself.

Marilyn's perspective on life was profoundly changed by True Core. She started a nighttime routine, sleeps more, eats better, and feels much stronger now that she can work longer hours. This blog is proof of the power of self-care and the enormous impact it can have on our lives. It's the story of people who were once discouraged by their physical characteristics but decided to take control of their health, both physically and emotionally. Rather than wallow in self-criticism, they chose self-care as a means of self-discovery, propelling them toward a more fulfilling and compassionate relationship with themselves.

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