Ruth Wright: Breaking free from sedentary habits to lead an active, balanced lifestyle

By True Core
Ruth Wright: Breaking free from sedentary habits to lead an active, balanced lifestyle

It's easy to fall into the trap of a sedentary lifestyle and indulging in one too many treats in a world where comfort often takes precedence. We've all spent long hours hunched over desks or lounging on the couch, surrounded by an endless supply of tempting snacks. But what happens when that realization occurs, when the sluggishness and extra pounds become undeniable indicators that change must take place?

Ruth Wright had the same problem before joining True Core. She used to be in the military, so staying fit and active was not a problem for her; however, after her husband passed away, Ruth gained weight. Despite her efforts to lose weight through many diet attempts, she ended up regaining it. Ruth realized she needed to get back into shape and start feeling better. She just didn't feel good about herself. That's when she discovered True Core. True Core personalizes her workouts, which she really enjoys, especially with the free weights. She enjoys the atmosphere and professionalism of the gym. Ruth appreciates the way the trainers present themselves and motivate people, such as in her sessions with Maddie. Maddie was careful not to push Ruth too hard yet still motivate her.

Ruth feels fulfilled and much better overall because of joining True Core. She lost some weight and also some inches. She feels comfortable wearing clothes she hasn't worn in a long time. Her legs are more toned and you can see the muscles! Ruth drinks less alcohol, which also makes her feel a lot better. Ruth believes that even though starting is the most difficult part, she knows that you don't have to rush anything. Making changes to improve your life, it is better to take it slow. Eventually, you will get there and you will see and feel all those accomplishments as long as you keep moving forward. 

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