Should I Quit The Gym?

Congratulations: you’ve built yourself a buffer.
By True Core
True Core
Should I Quit The Gym?

Congratulations: you’ve built yourself a buffer.Your immune system is primed. If anyone can avoid getting sick, it’s you.And if you DO get sick? You’ll recover a LOT faster. Because you’re healthier than almost anyone you know.So right now, you’re weighing the benefits of this force field against the possible risk of COVID-19 infection. The government is saying “Don’t go to the gym!” and you’re thinking:“That’s crazy.”or maybe,“That doesn’t seem quite right.”Possibly: “Yeah, I’d rather be on the safe side.”Or, in some cases: “Woohoo! Free pass to slack off!”Here’s what you need to know about gym memberships during the Coronavirus crisis.

1. True Core is cleaner than big Globo-gyms.

Our coaches sees everything you touch.And as soon as you’re done with it, your coach will either ask you to wipe it down, or do it for you.That means EVERYTHING gets cleaned after EVERY touch.If you’ve ever been to a globo-gym, you’re probably laughing out loud right now. NO ONE wipes down the equipment in a great big Globo-gym.

2. Membership at True Core isn’t about access to equipment.

You’re paying for coaching.Coaching can happen at the gym…or anywhere.You can stay home, avoid the crowds, practice “social isolation” (some of us have been “practicing” social isolation since high school.) And you can still get JUST as fit; protect yourself; and stay healthy for your family from home.If you are a member at True Core, you WILL still be coached through this crisis. Online classes are starting soon, AND we have launched our online Coaching program 2 months early to help with concern.If you have a membership at a big globo-gym, you can’t.

3. You can probably protect your kids, too.

True Core is running Kids’ camps while the kids are off school.You can get them off their devices and build THEIR buffer to the virus.Big globo-gyms will put them in a daycare room with runny noses and dirty socks.

4. True Core is locally owned.

The owner and coaches will call you every day to make sure you’re okay. You can reciprocate by remaining a member, and actually help a local entrepreneur stay afloat.

5. True Core knows you by name.

If you’re alone and you DO fall sick, they will take care of you. Globo-gyms will call their collections department.If you’re sick, don’t exercise. But if everyone else is sick, that’s the worst time to stop exercising.Maybe you trust the government’s recommendation to avoid the gym. But we also trust our coaches.

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