Something To Look Forward: Jen Holmes’ Success Story

Ever feel like there's nothing to look forward to?
By True Core
True Core
Something To Look Forward: Jen Holmes’ Success Story
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Ever feel like there's nothing to look forward to? We all go through periods where it feels like the days are dragging on, and we're stuck in a rut. Everyone has a different fitness routine, and it's hard to find something that you enjoy. Even if you love running, there will be days when you don't want to lace up your sneakers and go for a jog. If it becomes boring, you are less likely to continue, don't do it, don't want to go, or have any consistency with it.

Jennifer Holmes felt the same way before embarking on her True Core journey. Her biggest challenge was finding an exercise she would enjoy and be able to do, something she would look forward to. Jennifer enjoys swimming, but she keeps doing it until it becomes monotonous. Even though she generated games to keep herself entertained while doing it, she still grew tired of it. Jennifer, a mother of two children, married, and works a very stressful full-time job, is having difficulty finding "Me Time" even with her workouts. She can't have it in her house because of her children, and she doesn't like the setup of a large gym because she gets quickly bored with it, so her only option is to go swimming to get out of the house and have some alone time. Not until she joined True Core, where she feel seen and inspired by others. Despite seeing all different body shapes, body sizes, different levels of strength, and in their process, to begin with, there is camaraderie in the gym. It's not like going to a big gym and seeing people lifting weights and putting on headphones and ignoring everyone, but everyone is very open, kind, and friendly at True Core.

Jennifer's journey with her workout routine has been different this time around compared to past occasions. It has something different every time she comes, and she has no idea what she'll be doing, which is significant for her not to freak out about it. Even though it appeared to be a challenging task, she was confident she could accomplish it.

One significant change Jennifer observed since she started is that she has been good at asking for what she needs, whereas she wasn't excellent before. It's not just like the actual fitness aspect of it, but also a lot of self-care mindset. Jennifer and her husband have already divided tasks with the kids, especially for her part. He also noticed her muscle building, and he's been eating along with her. 

Jennifer's ability to deal with stress is also improving. Initially, when she was stressed, she would just lay on the couch and watch TV, probably with a glass or two of wine, and not deal with her emotion or internalize it, then wait until something happened until she exploded. On the other hand, Jennifer decided that she couldn't do it endlessly because it was exhausting and had a negative impact on her relationships with others. She is now ensuring that she maintains calm and deals with problems as they arise rather than bottling them up, which has been effective. Part of that is because of True Core’s program, which is making sure she takes care of herself every day, in some way, and that decompression of reading and going to bed at a reasonable time. 

Jennifer is proud of herself because she shows up every week. She doesn’t let this get the best of her or stress her. She eats better; she learns how to just reset instead of going down that spiral. She just keeps on going no matter what. And that is all because of the coaching in True Core that helped her, especially in terms of accountability.
However, there are times when it can be helpful to remind yourself of what you will enjoy at the end of your journey with this mindset shift. If you feel discouraged or want an extra boost in motivation, book a free 5 min discovery call with us. We would love to help you map out your next step!

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