Springtime Fitness

Spring is here (thankfully, but I am sure we will see 1 or 2 more cold days)!
By True Core
True Core
Springtime Fitness

Spring is here (thankfully, but I am sure we will see 1 or 2 more cold days)! But, with the new season it is the perfect time to reevaluate your health and exercise routine.

The air is fresh, the nights are light and the question is why wait, let's kick start your activity today. Spring is the perfect transitional season to help you shake off those winter blues and, well, spring into action with a renewed sense of invigoration and focus. Here are a few of my favorite things about spring that aren’t just great for your physical health but promoting mental and emotional wellness too!


For me, the worst part of winter isn’t the shoveling of snow or scraping the ice off my car at 4:45am (though that is up on the list), but rather the soul-sucking lack of sunshine that not only zaps my motivation to lace up my sneakers to run in the light of day and work out but increases feelings of depression. According to Medic Alert, decreased levels of Vitamin D can weaken our bones, immune system and even mess with nerve and muscle functions. With daylight savings comes longer exposure to sunlight, which means you’ll be feeling the boost of Vitamin D––and feeling a boost in your overall well-being.


Tying in with increased exposure to sunshine comes the opportunity to simply get outside. Luckily for us True Core caters to running and some outdoor metcons to get us outside, but you can and should also add a run, hike or walk––especially when your favorite trails or neighborhoods have been obscured by ice and snow all winter long and now have beautiful colors and fresh spring air.


Spring is the perfect time for fruits and veggie lovers to stock up on fresh, local, in-season produce that is harder to come by in the colder months. And even if you still struggle to eat your veggies, spring offers you a greater variety of easy additions to make to your next meal or snack to up your nutritional game. Mangoes, strawberries, radishes, peas, dandelion greens––the possibilities are endless. So grab your favorite tote bag and hit up a local farmer’s market for a fun activity that is great for your health (and your wallet)!


Ok, this may seem superficial, but hear me out: who doesn’t feel more empowered when wearing a great pair of leggings or bright new sneakers into a workout? A 2012 study published in the Journal of Experimental Social Psychology actually introduced the term “enclothed cognition” to describe the measurable impact that one’s clothes have on their psychological processes. So when you’re spring cleaning your closet, take inventory of what workout gear you have and toss anything that doesn’t fit or doesn’t make you feel good while wearing it. Go ahead, get that new galaxy-print sports bra or spin shoes that make you feel like a million bucks. Science says it’s a good idea.


One of the greatest gifts of True Core is the community and who better to embrace the outdoors with than your classmates. When planning a run or hike it is highly likely that someone else at the gym is thinking the same thing. If you are looking for some company, post on the community FB page and buddy up.

Happy spring everyone, enjoy the air and I look forward to seeing you at the gym,


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