Success Story: Nicole Melander

“I want to be tough, spiritually, mentally, & physically."
By True Core
True Core
Success Story: Nicole Melander

“I want to be tough, spiritually, mentally, & physically. If I can conquer it, I'm going to conquer it.”

Before True Core gym, Nicole Melander had been struggling with her relationship with food. She had a hard time figuring out what to eat and when, always falling short on previous weight loss routines and programs. Joining True Core has improved her nutrition and lifestyle by a mile. Working through the Transformation mentorship program has made Nicole realize that it's not just about the physical aspects of working out and nutrition, but how important her mindset is as well!  Nicole loves working through her training sessions these days. The sweat and hard work from the gym give her the best feeling on the drive home. Her spirits are always lifted after leaving True Core and endorphins are on a high! 

Nicole believes strength training and nutrition are very important to women, especially for someone like her. It gives her the confidence to lead her home the way she and her family needs. With the dedication she has put into the gym, she has seen amazing results! Nicole credits her progress to giving her the confidence boost that she needed to feel great about her body but really herself as a whole health, physically and mentally.

True Core is a gym that will tailor fit your program to your lifestyle and pace. Whether you are looking for a new way to get in shape, want to live a healthier lifestyle, or want to build muscle, True Core is the perfect place for you. Like Nicole Melander, you will also find a great community within our gym that is welcoming and willing to help you reach your goals. Our members are like a second family that will cheer you on in your success and help you get back up on your feet in times of failure. Book a free discovery call and start your journey at TrueCore TODAY!

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