Taking Control of My Life with True Core: Matt Larson Success Story

If you're like most people, your job keeps you seated for hours.
By True Core
True Core
Taking Control of My Life with True Core:  Matt Larson Success Story

If you're like most people, your job keeps you seated for hours. When you get home, the last thing you want to do is move; you can’t even cook your own meals. And before you know it, weeks have gone by, and your only form of exercise is walking from the parking lot to the office building. Unfortunately, this inactive lifestyle can lead to health problems down the road. 

The same problem Matt Larson had prior to joining True Core. He was living a sedentary lifestyle. He’s just relying on others to do things that he should have been more self-sufficient about. He wasn't cooking his own meals, wasn't taking care of himself, as well as he wasn't moving. Basically, Matt is being dependent, which is his major problem before. He realized that he wasn't standing on his own two feet, and just standing on other people's shoulders. When he tried to solve his problem on his own, he got frustrated because Matt felt like he got stuck in a rut.  He knew what he needed to do, but he couldn't summon himself to do it. He doesn’t know how to do it on his own. Hence, he just smashed down by wave after wave — feeling tangled, feeling suffocated. Matt felt that he is still his mommy’s kid, and was just being dependent on her. 

As Matt Larson started his journey with True Core and wanted a shift in his life from sedentary to an active lifestyle, it was a big change for him. The waves that were once suffocating him are gone, or they don’t seem nearly as big anymore. Matt feels stronger and doesn’t feel threatened by them anymore. He feels in control now over his own life. He is more patient, more willing to listen to somebody else, and physically feels strong as he is gaining more muscle. Being part of True Core impacted Matt’s life in every way possible. He’s much happier and moving his body more now.  When there’s something to lift, he lifts it right away, if something has to be shoveled or something has to be cleaned up, he doesn’t have to think about that stuff anymore and just does it instantly. Matt's whole life starts moving. 

So much of our lives are out of our control. We can't control the weather, we can't control what people say about us, and sometimes we feel like we can't even control our own emotions. BUT, when you're in control of your own life, you can make your own decisions and set your own course. You don't have to rely on anyone else to get where you want to go. And that's a really empowering feeling. It's something worth striving for. You have complete power to create the person you want to be.

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