The 5 best tips to get a good nights sleep

Most of you reading this blog will (hopefully) have some kind of schedule to your life.
By True Core
True Core
The 5 best tips to get a good nights sleep

Most of you reading this blog will (hopefully) have some kind of schedule to your life. Whether it be an alarm clock to get up, a family google calendar to keep track of everyone's activities, reminders on your phone, a nutrition diary or a set plan for your weekly workouts. But how many of us plan, execute and assess our weekly sleep patterns? It really is funny,  because without sleep we cannot function. Yes it is that simple, without it we do not function to the best of our ability But yet the vast majority of us will spend the least time planning our sleep as we do EVERYTHING else. Now, before we get into the nitty gritty, I do understand that life happens, kids have nightmares and sometimes our fur babies want to play at 3:30am. But, if this sounds familiar and you do not have a sleep plan or maybe need a new one keep reading. Below are my 5 top simple tips on how to give yourself the best opportunity for a good night of sleep. 

  1. Have a bedtime and stick to it when possible. Just like we operate well when something becomes a routine, it is the same for sleep. Our bodies will adapt to this time and start to connect it with relaxation and sleep practices. Especially during the week this routine will help manage your sleep cycle and allow your body to get into the habit of bed time with the aim of being best recovered.
  2. Create a relaxing environment. Consider limiting screen time at least 1 hour before bed, dim the lights, create soft sounds (a fan or ocean noises) and have the room at the best sleep temperature for you. When possible consider a hot bath, meditation and yoga poses. 
  3. Sleepy time tea. As the colder months arrive, sleepy tea's (Trader Joe’s has the best one) is a great way to sooth and calm the body. Relaxing with a book and your tea just before bed can help eliminate stress from the day and set our bodies in motion for bed time. 
  4. Have the right bedding. Depending on the season and person has a huge effect on what bedding is best suited to each individual. Listen to your body, you should look forward to that moment when your head hits the pillow. 
  5. Review your sleep patterns. This is No1! Find a pattern that works for you. When you are restless or cannot sleep, try and find out why. By doing this we give ourselves the best opportunity to get a good night's sleep. 

The above tips are my own recommendations and maybe won't be suitable for all. That is ok, find what works for you. We each are unique and should strive to give ourselves the best sleep opportunity we can.

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