The Confidence Boost you Need with True Core: Erin Guest

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The Confidence Boost you Need with True Core: Erin Guest

There is a long list of benefits associated with regular physical activity. Not only does it help you in achieving better health, but it also provides you with more energy, speeds up your metabolism, and assists you in developing a better outlook on yourself. Regrettably, there are times when it is hard to keep up with the grind. However, this does not mean that you should stop trying. You can accomplish what you set out to do if you commit to going to the gym on a daily basis and treat it as a priority. It's vital to take baby steps, and they're definitely worth it.

True Core member Erin Guest is a testament to powering through her gym membership. She started with an unfavorable mindset of herself which slowly morphed into a positive note as she continued to show up at the gym. She consistently engaged herself in her program which helped her love the confidence boost it gave her, walking with her head held higher and the positivity radiating through other aspects of her life. 

Recognizing smaller victories over a plateau in other aspects of your fitness journey is strongly encouraged and practiced by Erin. When it seems like your work is not progressing as it did, try and look at the areas in which you have achieved smaller breakthroughs. That decrease in weight that you had last week, may not be as much this week and that’s okay. Keeping in mind that slow and steady progress is still progress and is more likely to become sustainable and effective in the long run, can greatly help keep you motivated.  

Erin’s True Core journey motivated her into keeping up with her program and sticking to it despite it being hard work. A support system and a great gym community cheering her on is one of the features she loves most about True Core.

At True Core, we take pride in having a fantastic community that gives excellent motivation to keep you coming back to help you reach your fitness objectives. It doesn't matter whether your goal is to lose weight, build muscle, or just be healthier, True Core is the place for you.

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