The Scale is Not the Full Story

Most people are looking for similar results when they are going to the gym.
By True Core
True Core
The Scale is Not the Full Story

Most people are looking for similar results when they are going to the gym.  We all want to get rid of body fat, cut off a few extra pounds and add some lean muscle.  We can measure these things right on a scale at the gym.  It is a great mark of success when these numbers are improving but this may not tell the whole story. 

                Performance gains are a major focus of the programming at True Core.  With the workouts given to our athletes the main goal is to improve performance metrics such as weight lifted in strength training or reps completed in AMRAPS.  As performance improves the numbers on the scale follow the same trend.  An athlete that is running faster, lifting more weight, and learning new skills will surely be losing fat and gaining muscle.

                Focus on your performance.  Recording workouts is a must for athletes that want to make gains both on and off the scale.  Recording your performance is critical to measuring improvement and guiding results.  Understanding of current strength and conditioning metrics like what weight is used for deadlifts or time for a mile run will drive success as goals can be established around those metrics to mark and celebrate improvements.

                Our training programs at True Core follow the principles of constantly varied functional movements to improve work capacity across broad time and modal domains.  We do functional movements like thrusters and pullups in ever changing rep schemes and time domains and we look to make improvements in things like a mile run or 1 rep max power clean.  Improving athlete performance is the main goal of the program.    

                With this considered it is important to look past the numbers on the scale and start paying attention to improvements in performance.  For example, athletes often become discouraged when numbers on the scale plateau.  While the scale may say the same thing pay special attention to what has been improving recently.  Making performance improvements like lifting more weight for back squats or learning a kip swing on the pullup bar are tremendous improvements that should be celebrated. 

               Start to focus on making performance gains within your workouts like moving faster or lifting more weight and the numbers on the scale will follow the pattern.

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