The True Core Open is an experience for everyone to test their fitness, share some amazing camaraderie, & have the most fun working out to date!
By True Core

To our seasoned Crossfitters you know what time of year it is and to our new Crossfitters welcome to your first CrossFit Open season!!

The Open is the first step for the elite athletes to make their way to the CrossFit Games. We at True Core make the Open an experience for everyone to test their fitness, share some amazing camaraderie, & have the most fun working out to date!

So without further delay, welcome to the 2023 True Core Open!

What is it?

The 2023 True Core Open will follow the three weeks of the CrossFit Open workouts published by CrossFit HQ, PLUS a bonus fourth week! Every Saturday during the Open, we will come together as a community and throw down in the annual test of fitness! However, you won’t just be competing for a spot on the whiteboard, you will be competing to earn your TEAM the most points possible through performance, cheering, camaraderie, themed events and much more!

True Core will be divided into two teams, First team led by Coach Ryan with Co-Captians Dillon and Amanda.

Second team led by Aline with Co-Captians Doug and Mollie.

All of the workout results and team points will be kept on our True Core Open leaderboard!

What do I win?

Throughout the True Core Open, we will be giving out various prizes (maybe even chalk?!?!), but best of all, the winning team will have their team name displayed in True Core for the ENTIRE YEAR! That way you can remind the losing team each time you walk into the gym who came out on top! - Did we do this? Maybe another prize this year?

Next Steps

  1. Register for the True Core Open here!
  2. Optional registration with Crossfit HQ click here
  3. Order your optional Team t-shirt will be ordered through TYR Website. Link will be provided ASAP
  4. Tune in for Draft Night on February 7th!
  5. Team Captains will randomly select teams based on the names on our whiteboard, so register before the 10th to be part of draft night!
  6. Recruitment! February 8th – February 16th!
  7. Teams are not finalized after Draft Night! Team members and team captains are encouraged to recruit teammates!
  8. The top recruiting team will earn a prize for their entire team!
  9. February 16th True Core goes live with our open kick off event running alongside the Crossfit HQ live event. Members and family are encouraged to attend. Team captains will be showcasing the first workout. Pizza to be had after…
  10. February 18th - March 4th – CrossFit HQ workouts 23.1, 23.2 and 23.3
  11. March 11th – True Core Open Workout final WOD programmed by Coach Shannon and Coach Joanna followed by a cookout

With the workouts being released on Thursdays, each Saturday we will come together to celebrate our community and our fitness journey! If you have a scheduling conflict do not fear. Coach Joanna, Coach Ryan and Coach Maddie are available to judge you outside of the Saturday and within the Crossfit HQ window.

With our new home and all of you amazing members the spirit of  True Core continues to shine and we are excited to celebrate this at the Open doing the thing that all of us love to do - throw down together and create some awesome memories.

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