Tim Sweetman’s Success Story: How True Core Makes Me A Better Person

Intentional living means taking control over what you do and how you live every day.
By True Core
True Core
Tim Sweetman’s Success Story: How True Core Makes Me A Better Person
Tim Sweetman

Tim Sweetman

Intentional living means taking control over what you do and how you live every day. It requires making choices about what you want from your day-to-day lifestyle so that everything aligns with your overall goals, especially in terms of health and fitness.

When it comes to health and fitness, Tim's biggest issue that he had and was weighing on him eight weeks ago before starting working with True Core is that the doctor needs to address his high glucose levels, as well as his fatty liver, and a big part of that is losing weight. On the other hand, he has also had to deal with stress, anxiety, and depression all at once.

We are all aware that the mind and body are inseparably linked. Mental health is just as important as physical health, but it is frequently overlooked until something goes wrong. As a result, when Tim attempted to solve the problem on his own, he became frustrated because he felt he'd done everything possible, from downloading all the apps to trying every meal delivery service he could think of. He was attempting to do things in which he would get on a good kick for a while, be able to hold on and do it consistently for about two weeks, but then fall off by the third week. He believes that one reason for his inconsistency stems from his mental state, in which he is physically prepared, capable, and willing to do what he needs to do, but mentally unable to overcome the challenges that keep coming up.

As he becomes a member of True Core, his mentality undergoes significant change, which has an impact on his way of life. Tim was able to spend time channeling his thoughts in the right direction. He's not on his phone in the morning, surfing or getting distracted, but rather reflecting on what's important to him and what he's grateful for. It truly orients his mind, so that he no longer begins in chaos and ends in chaos. 

"And now, what makes me feel good is having a clear mind, which leads to my body feeling really good as well."

Tim didn't think it was that important when he first started doing it, where he would just eat what he needed to eat. But a big part of it is taking out some of that decision fatigue, which has been a big difference. Having clarity, not being distracted, not having chaos, eliminates most of the distractions and many of his old tendencies of making excuses or making poor decisions. Before, he didn't have the energy, effort, or mindset that would never fit into his lifestyle for an extended period of time. But now that he's done it for six weeks, it's become a habit, it's just part of him, something Tim does pretty regularly every day, and he could see himself doing it for years rather than just 30 days. Now, Tim is able to do something that fits into his lifestyle. He couldn't believe he was doing something seemingly impossible, like cutting out everything in his life and creating a plan that doesn't work. Tim is also aware that there will be times when he will be a little off and not perfect, but he looks forward to the next day.

The improvement in Tim's mindset has such an impact on other important aspects of his life. He has lost weight, and his doctor was astounded and impressed by his progress, as his glucose level has dropped by 10%. He is able to respond better to his children and wife, as well as have a much lower level of stress and a much higher level of energy on a regular basis.  Although there are still stressors, they don't shake him as much as they used to, and he recovers much faster from those speed bumps in the road that are unavoidable. 

True Core really helps Tim make a significant change in his life. 

“It's not as hard as you think. It honestly is a lot more difficult and a lot harder to keep doing the stop-start thing of getting frustrated and going back to old habits. You have no idea how good you're gonna feel even in a week or two, and you're never going to want to go back to that same feeling. Even though there will be moments along the way that you will make a mistake, you'll be reminded that you don't want to go down that route again. That’s literally painful, so there's really no reason not to do it. Don’t wait and get started.”

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