Tissa Strouse: Spicing Up Your Routine with True Core

By True Core
Tissa Strouse: Spicing Up Your Routine with True Core

Many individuals tend to follow a routine that works for them and stick to it consistently, which is crucial for seeing results. However, adding some variety to one's workout routine can be beneficial. Tissa Strouse has been in the fitness field for a while and has done extensive research on her own, visited different clinics, and read various magazines. Despite this, Tissa struggled with her routines, which primarily consisted of running, effortless weight training with dumbbells, or yoga a few times a week to stay on track. Being a mom made it challenging for her to prioritize her own self-care and not let life take over.

Due to these challenges, Tissa decided to seek professional help to add variety to her workout routine, be accountable, and improve her self-discipline in nutrition and meal prep. She wanted to become a better role model for her two sons by prioritizing her self-care and feeling better about herself, which would benefit her family in the long run.

Being a part of True Core significantly changed Tissa's routine, and she began holding herself accountable by using the app's calendar and notifications, which made her look forward to the week ahead. She also saw significant improvements in her cardio and leg strength and noticed more toning in her upper body. Additionally, Tissa is happier now as she is making healthier choices in terms of her diet and trying to be more consistent with her strength training, cardio, and flexibility.

Although Tissa is still learning the routines, she loves the positive atmosphere and encouragement from the coaches at True Core. They have helped her work with her muscle groups at her own pace and not let fear be an obstacle to her goals. Tissa has realized that taking the first step can lead to amazing accomplishments.

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