What are Some “DON'Ts" of Personal Workouts or Fitness Centers?

There are all kinds of "unspoken rules" when it comes to working out.
By True Core
True Core
What are Some “DON'Ts" of Personal Workouts or Fitness Centers?

There are all kinds of "unspoken rules" when it comes to working out.Whether you are in a gym setting or at home on your own, there are three main things you should keep in mind

  1. Do no eat closer then 30 mins to working out - kind of like the old swimming rule, this suggestion will come very much in handy.  Adding food to your system to close to training is a recipe for cramping, indigestion, & decreased athletic performance. Your body only has a limited amount of blood.  When your body tries to perform AND digest it does not have enough blood volume to do both well. Therefore leaving both digestion and the workout wishing things were different...
  2. Don't leave your gear out - even if you are working out alone or at home, this is the golden rule.  Leaving sweaty equipment laying out only adds to frustration & delayed start time the next time you train. In a gym setting its is a necessary. NO ONE likes to touching a sweaty piece of equipment. Spend the extra 5 mins after your workout to put equipment away & wipe the space down.  It will such a better start to your next workout when you go start in a clean organized spaced. And if you are in a gym setting, you can be assured everyone else appreciates it!
  3. Don't plan out your own workouts - yes its easy to just take a workout off of someone's instagram post. Sure it seems cost effective to just figure out your workout each day. But the reality is, WE ALL NEED A COACH. Someone to individually plan out what we do BASED ON OUR LIFE OUR GOALS OUR PRIORITIES. What a 45 year woman who is looking to trim is going to need to do, is VERY different then a 28 yr old man wanting to add muscle. A Coach cuts through this confusion. Also paying someone makes you accountable. Thus much more likely to stick to your fitness plan. It is so easy fall off after a few months. But by having your own Coach, you have built in motivation, creativity, & accountability. All of which are needed to create long term lifestyle change. We really believe this is some of the best money you will ever spend. Take 1-2 dinners out and instead put the cash towards investing in your health. It is something you will never regret.

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