What are the "why's" of True Core?

All of our actions are based on some sort of reason.
By True Core
True Core
What are the "why's" of True Core?

All of our actions are based on some sort of reason. A deeper meaning behind them. A why.For example:I go to the store so I have food to eat, so I won't yell at my husband from my "hangry" state of mind.The clothes I wear today have their own "why." Who will I be around? Do I need be dressed professional or casually? What impression do I want to be making? Are we going for comfort or function?I workout so I can look good naked, feel confident in my body, enjoy the way my clothes fit, have extra energy, be able to play with my grandkids at 85 yrs old.Every action has a "WHY" behind it. Every choice has a deciding factor.At True Core our "WHY" is that feeling of joy that comes from accomplishing a long standing goal. That excitement when a glass ceiling is broken through. The happiness that washes over our members when they realize "I DID IT!"We have seen countless lives changed after a member has that feeling for the first time. We have watched them shift their priorities. We have witnessed them laugh more, be lighter on their feet, start to really enjoy who they are. We want every single person that walks through our doors to have that inspirational, life changing, soul feeding experience.That is our "Why." That is the reason behind how we run our group classes. How we choose which programs to offer. Or the staff we choose to hirer. Our values were outlined to as tools to help bring about that feeling.That joy, that excitement, that feeling of accomplishment is our "WHY." That is life changing feeling, and we are honored to share it with you.Coach ShannonClick here to finding your own joy

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