What are your recommendations for Summer Classes?

Summertime is here and you have probably already noticed the temperature is ramping up
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What are your recommendations for Summer Classes?

Summertime is here and you have probably already noticed the temperature is ramping up and the workout experience is not the same as it was in the wintertime.  As we progress through the summer months you will naturally start to acclimate to the heat and become more comfortable in hotter temperatures during workouts.  This acclimation is not only for workouts at the gym but also serves to help us participate in outdoor activities and events like kids’ soccer games or festivals without constantly seeking shade or air conditioning. Here are some recommendations that will help you keep crushing workouts all summer long. 

Clothing:  Cotton clothing is typically the best option for most to wear in the heat as the material is less restrictive and leaves the sweat against the body to allow for natural cooling.  Synthetic materials are much better for winter as they wick the sweat away, so we are not freezing during those early morning runs.  Wear comfortable clothing that keeps you cool and does not restrict your movement. 

Gear:  Now is the time of year to start bringing a towel to the gym.  Sweating typically starts for most athletes when they walk in the gym and does not stop until they are back in their air-conditioned car, so a towel is great for keeping the face and hands dry during the workout.  Towels are also great because excessive sweat chalk is not nearly as helpful when your hands are soaked so drying them first will help you hang on to that bar.  Also consider sweatbands for wrists if you find you are constantly having to dry your hands.

Hydration:  To keep things simple general guidelines for hydration are to consume half your body weight lbs in ounces of water every day.  For example, if you weigh 200lbs you should be consuming 100 ounces of water daily.  Thirst is one of the best indicators for hydration.  Drink when you are thirsty and avoid excessive overdrinking. 

Performance:  Yes, it is hot and yes, it is hard.  Workouts are going to feel more challenging during the hotter months.  The heat does have a significant impact on performance.  High temperatures have shown to increase overall heart rate during exercise so expect your normal workouts to feel like they have been scaled up.  

The heat impacts all of us so this is time to bite down on this new challenge and test your fitness in the summer sun.  Let’s get after it and have a great summer at True Core!

Ryan Walker

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