What Does The Future Look Like?

The year of 2020 sure has been one of change!
By True Core
True Core
What Does The Future Look Like?

The year of 2020 sure has been one of change! In my personal opinion, we are CLEARLY being shown what is important in our lives. What we can and can not live with. Where our priorities need to lie. We are being givenopportunity afteropportunity to redefine ourselves. To change the labels attached to us. To take a look where we could improve and where we need to change.The last 4 months have forced me to reflect on every aspect of myself. Who I am in my marriage. Who I am in my friendships. Who I am in my business. Are these people the woman I WANT to be? The woman I know deep down I am being CALLED to be? If not, why? Am I willing to do the work to change?The last 5 days in the "CrossFit World" have been the most volatile in my 10+ years. We have seen the worse sides of people. We have seen communities completely shattered. We have seen peopledevastated by cruelty. We have seen families literally torn apart. Yet we have also seen strength. Strength to set aprecedent. Strength step out & support those hurting. Strength to say we are MORE then a label or a name.True Core is more then a label or a name. It is more then what we have on our door. It is more then logo.True Core is:TrustHonestyPositivityDeterminationSelf- AcceptanceUnconditional SupportTrue Core is a community of people all striving for the same goal; finding tools to live their best lives.True Core is Moms & Dads, Teenagers, & 20 somethings, all walking in for the best of their day. An hour where they can forget the problems of the world. Where they can get in touch with their body, mind, & spirit. Where they are welcomed & embraced for the unique amazing individual they already are. Where they are supported and guided to make real lasting change in their lives.True Core so much more then a gym. It is so much then "CrossFit" It is an instrument to improve our community. To improve lives. To improve our sense of connection. It is the greatest honor of my life to protect and lead this community. Thank you for being on this journey with us.Coach Shannon

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